A Collection of City Thoughts


Some insights about me (in no particular order):

Laura Mendes
● I'm Laura. I live in Toronto, Canada (but my heart's in the woods, always).

● I'm half Portuguese/Filipino. (This is the #1 question people ask me, for as long as I can remember.)

● I'm currently the Director/Curator of Labspace Studio, a hybrid art house and design studio. I work with non-profits, brands, and extremely talented artists.

● Under the Labspace Studio banner, I've co-produced dozens of multidisciplinary exhibitions & interdisciplinary projects, working with over 500 artists and creative professionals from across the globe.

My art and curatorial work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, CBC News, Huffington Post, Global News, The Boston Globe, CTV News, InnerSpace, CTS, NBC News, ArtSync TV, and some pretty cool blogs.

● I create content: curate experiences; design exhibitions; make interactive installations; execute multi-channel marketing campaigns; produce concise and compelling communications materials; lead collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.

● I work in the intersections of things (delicious grey zones). Art/life. Work/play. Business/creativity. Public/private.

● I'm a graduate of the University of Toronto, where I earned an HBA in Arts Management and Art History in 2005 (with a focus on contemporary art and interdisciplinary practice). I graduated with distinction, won some awards, co-founded the first dedicated student gallery on UTSC's campus, ran the U of T Arts Collective, and published some literary art books while there.

● After U of T, I went back to pursue my dance-training that I put on hold during university. I entered a rigorous contemporary dance program at Ballet Creole (a professional dance company and training institution in Toronto). Near graduation, I tore out my ACL and MCL in a dance rehearsal, resulting in knee surgery, which I still have not recovered from.

● I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

● I'm into simple things: big trees, small cabins, and books that I can hold.

● If you'd like to connect, follow me on Twitter @LauraMendesTO and @LabspaceStudio

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