A Collection of City Thoughts

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some new things I've got on the go

 A new curatorial commission for Capital One's Art Program. Details and artists TBA.
  Rolling out Labspace's new curatorial series next week; we're calling it The Noise Project. I'll be looking for artists to get involved in a number of site-specific, performance & exhibition opportunities. (We're also collaborating with 30 grade eight students on a separate project for this series.)
  Working on a new installation with John Loerchner. I wont' say much now, just that it involves a travelling soundproof booth.
  Working on the beginnings of a manuscript. To our surprise, we were contacted by a few literary agents, interested in the idea of us producing a book inspired by our yearlong quest to do 365 things in 365 days. (It's a long, long shot to getting published, and we're still very early on in the process, but we're rolling with it and excited by the potential.)
 New client projects for the Labspace Agency, including an exciting one with the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative. Details to come.

2013 is looking up