A Collection of City Thoughts

Monday, December 20, 2010

on hibernating

If we were bears or bats or rodents, we'd be nestled somewhere safe, our bodies in a quiet state of metabolic inactivity and our minds rested.

Instead we're cramming ourselves into shopping malls and sweaty subway cars with a million "to-do's" on our mind. Buy this. Buy that. 

I wish we could all be more like bears or bats or rodents. All this running around isn't natural or healthy or productive.

I've spent the last month "hibernating" in a cold apartment, wrapped in sweaters and blankets. There's something about feeling the cold...keeps my mind alert, I think.

During this period of metabolic slow-down and self reflection, we've conceived the next big project at Labspace.

It's almost ready to come out of its incubation stage. A few more days...

In the meantime, here's a music video. I find when I watch it my brain and my body slows down a little. It's the perfect hibernation song.