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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rumblings in the Rouge

Our next show in the East-End Expedition Series opens tonight at Labspace Studio with an intimate look at Rouge Park, Toronto's "premiere urban wilderness park". This place is massive and gorgeous and lush and green and overwhelming. A complete paradox. Most people don't even realize it exists, and yet it's just a simple subway ride away.

At just over 50km2, the park is home to variety of ecosystems, wildlife, flora and fauna, creeks, rivers, a sandy beach, two national historical sites, a camp group, hiking trails and the Toronto Zoo.

When I was 21 I worked here for a summer as Education Outreach Coordinator. Just a fancy title for someone who gets paid to look at butterflies, explore trails, savor the summer days, and promote the park along the way. Best summer job I ever had.

Artist friend, Ryan Ringer, came on board to lead this expedition, a paranormal investigation into Rouge's most haunted zones.

For more information on the show visit our East-End Expedition Home.

Oh, and for more information on the entire series, read this lovely article by Loriana from the Town Crier. It's refreshing to get some support from the community.