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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Psychic, A Prayer and a Performance

I don't know how to begin this post, because if you were right here in front of me I'd just spit it out at you in typical Laura fashion: clumsily, semi-dazed, a little dreamy and perhaps, a tad over dramatic. It wouldn't even matter if none of it was logical, cause you would just feel me and know it all made sense somehow.

I just read somewhere that when reading online, the majority of us default to skimming anything longer than a couple paragraphs. We've got lazy brains. Lazy and impatient. So I'll keep this crude and short.

A Psychic

A psychic walked into the gallery last week. A random walk-in. He held my hand, stared at my heart and told my fortune. He knew things. He knew my birthday. He knew what I was thinking. He told me I had a good soul. He said I was full of emotion and love and goodness but that I needed to focus my energy, meditate and pray.

A Performance

This past month I've been struggling to pull my insides outside of myself into a fully formed performance. Something that I could offer people that would be real and true and honest and devoid of all the bullshit I see in contemporary art these days. I'll save all the details. You can see the pictures below. Nothing feels quite the same as creating something that moves people. I think we succeeded in that (or so they tell us). I prayed for this. I did. The nights when I couldn't find it. When I was lost for music or movement or motivation, I went back and listened to the advice of the wise man and prayed. The atheist, she prayed. Everything seems different now.

Still City Sleep
Performance, Installation and Live Projection
A collaboration by Laura Mendes and John Loerchner