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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Expedition Day

10:00 am: Assembling the camp gear, printing our maps and waiting for the crew to arrive (10 of us in total).

At around noon we head to Leslie Spit for the second adventure in our East-End Expedition Series.

Our first covert operation is the task of bypassing the park ranger on duty without attracting suspicion. We are, of course, only allowed to make day-trips. Gates close promptly at 6pm. 

Gear will be minimal. We'll go in and hopefully the ranger/bored city-worker will forget about us and won't ever notice that we never did come out.

Fun, right?

A little background: The Leslie Spit is a 5km span of Toronto's construction refuse,  dumped into lake Ontario. Over the past 50 years this waste has unintentionally built up years and layers of history and, unusually, a rich wildlife reserve. 

The intent of our expedition is to investigate the depths of the dumping and the ecological impact and growth that has occurred over the past 50 years, then create something (anything) - a research paper, a sculpture, a dance - and present it at the follow-up exhibition at Labspace Studio.