A Collection of City Thoughts

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The city. 2+million people. Living, working, shopping, eating, shopping, shopping.  2+million people and yet, there you are walking around, thinking 'who the hell am I going to bump into today?' Who's going to pop into my life after X amount of time on the 504 streetcar or at the Dufferin Mall or at the 7-11?  

The ex-boss you told to fuck off? The ex-lover whose heart you broke? The one-night stand you ditched? The ex-friend you grew apart from?
Ah sweet, uncompromising city. Yes, you've made the choice to live here. You chose the chaos over the quiet. Strip clubs over  strip malls. Diversity over homogeneity. Chose culture. Engagement. The crazies. The crackheads. The gridlock. The inspiration. Poutine at 2am.

But sometimes, don't you just want to take a stroll. Take a long, quiet stroll down the street in ripped up jeans and dirty clothes, slightly inebriated and tragically introspective, lost in your thoughts and the music and the white noise of city life, without having to think 'who the hell am I going to bump into today?'

In the not so distant future - when we're all a bunch of cyborgs - you'll be able to snap a finger or wiggle an ear, which will trigger an application in your neural network to warn you that 'so and so' is in your given radius.

Until then, there's Avoidr. A new app for foursquare users. Check it out if you're one of those social media types.  

If not, smile and keep on walking....