A Collection of City Thoughts

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leslie Spit

This is my kind of place, quiet and awkwardly beautiful. Here everything seems to hang and lull in a perpetual state of E-minor. The sound of water lapping against decades of discarded city waste. The sound of bike tires treading over eroded bricks and broken rubble. I feel comfortable here. A quiet and introspective kind of comfortable. The kind of comfortable that keeps my mind & body in check.

serious research face on discarded lamp posts
Today we're preparing for our Leslie Spit Expedition, scouting sites we can explore with the group, conceptualizing how this  collaborative exhibition will take form at Labspace. I've invented names for a few points of interest like 'Smooth Brick Beach' & 'Rebar Point'. From the water in a canoe, Rebar Point looks like a stage. It juts out into the water in a destructively peaceful kind of way. Perfect for a performance perhaps? I have ideas in my head, but I'll let them sit quietly until the actual expedition, when the real research begins. 
rebar point from land