A Collection of City Thoughts

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Donut Factory

101 Pape Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M 2V7
(416) 461-5289 

If ever you're stranded at the corner of Pape & Queen Street East at four in the morning, shit faced and hungry, and willing to brave the crackheads and ruffians loitering out front, I highly recommend* The Donut Factory.

This gem of an establishment has been serving the Leslieville community for 22 years strong by a happy-go-lucky Vietnamese man named Van, who likes sprinkled donuts, long walks on the beach and getting his picture taken by anyone willing to take his picture, especially if you're a girl, and you compliment him on his vast and impressive collection of Arizona Ice Teas. No joke, the man's got it all. Flavours I didn't even know existed! Rows and rows, so many pretty coloured cans. It's like an undercover Arizona Ice Tea factory disguised as a donut dive disguised as a crack den.

Needless to say, I will definitely be coming back (in broad daylight).

*recommendation based purely on epic ice tea selection and general pleasant demeanor of store owner.