A Collection of City Thoughts

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Since my injury I've had to cancel 3 shows, including a performance next month with Ballet Creole in Ottawa for the Canada Dance Festival. I am posting this video purely as a reminder to myself that I can pull through this injury, that I can create still, despite my limitations. Climbing Walls was a piece I created with a healthy body. My only limitation was the wall behind me. Create movement fluidly, rapidly, succinctly, expressively, honestly, quietly with my whole self, between a wall and an audience; that was my challenge.

My mind has begun to conceive little legless dances. Most ideas won't make it to round two. But I am excited none the less. Trusting this west-coast road trip will stir the beast. To invoke distance and freedom from stasis and inertia; that is my challenge.