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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

days that end in 'y'

'days that end in 'y' was a short lived project I started with John last summer, inspired by a yard sale in which I irrationally sold nearly everything I owed. This included my entire wardrobe and a whole whack of books and cd's I had been stockpiling.

I am not sure what spurred the whole yard sale. I think it was that I simply felt bogged down with all the things and clutter and products I owed. I really only needed a 1/4 of that stuff to go about my day to day life. One day I woke up and sold it all. At the time it felt completely and utterly satisfying, until I woke up the next morning and realized I had nothing to wear and no money to buy new clothes.

So we started a little screen printing project called 'days that end in y'. We designed 7 shirts for each day of the week and vowed to wear these shirts, and only these shirts, until we could no longer stand to wear them. It never happened. Winter came along. Screen printing inside became a nuisance. The project was put on hold. For a year.

And here I am. In a new apartment. Unpacked the last bit of my clothes last night and found my Wednesday shirt. And today is Wednesday. An omen? I think I'll try to re-start this failed project.