A Collection of City Thoughts

Monday, August 31, 2009


She met him in front of the Paradise Cinema and noticed his collar first. Stiff like cardboard and yellowed from old sweat. His neck was thick and red with coarse stubble that trailed into sporadic mounds of hair upon his chest. She noticed these mounds before she could notice his eyes which she glanced at awkwardly, then back again to the mounds. God what awful mounds! she thought before noticing his belly that hung like a deflated tire. His eyes were warm if not a little dopey. She could love these eyes, perhaps. Despite the obvious.


He met her in front of the Paradise Cinema and noticed her breasts first. The way they bounced in rhythm to the radio playing overhead as she approached. The way the fabric of her dress concealed them ever so modestly, just enough to show off their peaks below milky white collar bones. Her breasts were large, perhaps larger than any breasts he had ever held before. And he hadn't held many. His fingers trembled slightly as his gaze moved to her eyes which he glanced at momentarily before glancing back to her breasts. He could love these breasts, most certainly.